1. Saturday, October 24, 2009

    balloon birthday boy 

    my work was very nice to me. lots of sweets. balloons. gifts. cards.
    but the best was they let me have the next day off.

    which meant i was able to party heartily at the sushi and sake place avec amigos

    it was great to see everyone including anti who had a killer new tattoo

    and hey theres karisa with anti’s blushing bride, tanky

    sarah was behind the balloons and the cupcakes so i was glad to thank her
    by getting her ishfaced at the sake place.
    ten bucks says she puked that night.

    because i properly paced myself (vodka shots, sake, beers, bailey’s)

    guitarist John was still ill with pneumonia, so Patience bought a new outfit

    the sound wasnt the best, and the sightlines werent great
    but the spirit of their super fun music was definately in the house

    this photo with my truest proves that i can be super drunk and super happy
    with a brand new the grates tshirt and i can look xactly the same as sober.

    even though ive been rocking their cd for a few weeks, i was blown away by Those Darlins

    they were sultry and rollickin and sassy and a tad sad

    sad because the blonde babe explained how her bf had just broken up with her

    just made you wanna hug her. and get her some chicken.

    i was given friday off, so my truest drove me through the santa monica mountains
    where she took me to my favorite beachside shrimp shack

    we had a pound of jumbo shrimp, a half pint of clam chowdah, veggies, bread, and soda
    then we walked across pch and took pictures of the surfers

    took the long way home, which meant pch to sunset and sunset to hollywood

    driving thru beverly hills the sweet girl was all omg make a uturn

    it was this huge mansion with cool halloween decorations rockin

    the best were these creepy scarecrows. dude had dozens of them

    some of them were fine, but a few of them had the creep factor increased by a lot

    it was the perfect way to close out a great day.

    i want every day to be my birthday now.