1. Friday, October 23, 2009

    i had such a great birthday yesterday 

    everyone at work was super great. there were cupcakes and balloons and rice krispy treats

    after work there was sushi and booze and tempura and more booze.

    after that there was The Grates and Those Darlins who were awesome.

    then there was MCDONALDS DRIVE THRU in the weeeeeeeee hours

    then there was massive passing outtting happening.

    now theres a hangover being cured except my neighbors are being loud cuz its a gorgeous morning

    made more gorgeous since i planned to take today off of work

    which means perhaps a drive up the pch to malibu

    or perhaps a nice walk to the cinema

    or perhaps i will just run topless around LA

    CUZ I CAN!!!

    thanks to everyone who expressed bday wishes in these comments, on twitter, and on facebook, oh and also to those who did it in person.

    such a great birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

    photo by the kogasnake