1. Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    omg two of my favorite bands are playing on my birthday 

    super close to my house


    THE GRATES 10p

    from the Silverlake Lounge website:

    “Those Darlins, country-punk pals from Murfreesboro, Tenn., have a comically leering sexuality and an abandon that seems scarce these days. Their punk hootenanny sensibility reminds us that you don’t have to act serious to be taken seriously.” – New York Times

    Informed by Nashville and its indie, pop, and country scenes- aware of the twisted tradition of Appalachian roots music that stretches back beyond the Carter Family, Those Darlins are, nevertheless, not of Nashville. They write their own songs, record in NYC with producer Jeff Curtin (Vampire Weekend), and talk about female empowerment, music history, and egalitarian ideals of performance and business. And, in practice, they are rockers.

    They’re related to The Shaggs, The Slits, Huggy Bear, Sleater-Kinney, Kleenex and a whole bunch of other stuff; The Grates are very much a pop band; like the best of soul, riot grrl and garage rock dusted down in glitter and sent out to party. “full of false endings, stuttered energy and splintered melodies…It has the awkward quirkiness of Deerhoof, yet the power and might of The Pixies…. A happily scattered and free-spirited trio playing catchy lo-fi rock pop stamped with lead singer Patience’s wonderfully unhinged vocals.” – Rolling Stone

    “Think Ramones bouncing off their practice room walls on pogo-sticks… “- NME