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  1. Monday, October 26, 2009

    friend of the busblog Killola has a new video out 

    and its pretty good

    back in the day Killola was in on the Tsar + Silver Lake + Safari Sam’s scene and im glad that they are slowly making their way up to the top.

    this tune “Cracks in the Armor” is their “oFISHial Music Video” from their forthcoming cd.

    what i like about it is it shows that you can have excellent production and even tell a little (fish) story in a video and you dont have to spend a gazillion dollars.

    there are lots of things that make me sad about the music industry but one of the things that makes me the saddest is the demise of the music video industry. for some reason labels seem to think that they dont need videos to help advertise the new tunes, when everyone knows that videos is the Best way to do it.

  2. i dont think youre ready for this belly 

    tony pierce belly cubs hatgonna try to blog without saying omg everythign was so awesome omg my life is so great.

    going on the ninth year of writing the busblog and the question today is what new ways can i talk about my days, which are all awesome, duh. even the sad parts are interesting.

    funny thing happened the other day. truest was over so i wanted to impress her with my PS3-playing skillz.

    i was all, “ok i can only play this game for 10 minutes because i get super nauseous”. it was an off road racing game, and i was kicking major bootay and i swear to you i was sick in the head and the stomach for a good two hours.

    maybe a bad two hours is how i should say it.

    yesterday karisa took me on a bday hike. we hadnt hiked for half a year. im not the best person for an experienced hiker to hike with because a) i dont like to share my 40’s, b) i like to flash my big belly at the paps (pictured, right) c) im in no damn rush and like to enjoy the views d) i have LOTS of toxins, and when they get sweated out, even the flies are all what the heck!

    anyways we went up temscula canyon which is in between brentwood (where OJ used to live) and pacific palisades (where he used to golf). it was a beautiful day. 80 degrees maybe? not a cloud in the sky. and apparently because ive been running twice a week i didnt suck so bad on this hike. in fact it was a pleasure from top to bottom.

    afterward we ate monkfish at the Reel Inn. karisa says that monkfish is “the poor mans lobstah” and i gotta say it does have that sort of texture. quite good.

    then i went home, read the bible, got in a very short cleaning groove, and read more of the bible.

    somewhere in there i started watching this black real world thing called “College Hill” on BET. very funny. no Tool Academy, but really good. people are crazy, yo.

    speaking of crazy, this week is gonna be nuts.

    this week i have tickets to Regina Spektor, a discussion with R. Crumb, and a Halloween costume party with Danielle K. with musical guests Sea Wolf. then somewhere in there will be a birthday party for a good man.

    and somewhere in there will be me considering putting my PS3 and half dozen games up for auction because theres enough things in real life that make my stomach turn for the worse, i really dont need that in my friendly confines.

    bababooey to you all

  3. Saturday, October 24, 2009

    balloon birthday boy 

    my work was very nice to me. lots of sweets. balloons. gifts. cards.
    but the best was they let me have the next day off.

    which meant i was able to party heartily at the sushi and sake place avec amigos

    it was great to see everyone including anti who had a killer new tattoo

    and hey theres karisa with anti’s blushing bride, tanky

    sarah was behind the balloons and the cupcakes so i was glad to thank her
    by getting her ishfaced at the sake place.
    ten bucks says she puked that night.

    because i properly paced myself (vodka shots, sake, beers, bailey’s)

    guitarist John was still ill with pneumonia, so Patience bought a new outfit

    the sound wasnt the best, and the sightlines werent great
    but the spirit of their super fun music was definately in the house

    this photo with my truest proves that i can be super drunk and super happy
    with a brand new the grates tshirt and i can look xactly the same as sober.

    even though ive been rocking their cd for a few weeks, i was blown away by Those Darlins

    they were sultry and rollickin and sassy and a tad sad

    sad because the blonde babe explained how her bf had just broken up with her

    just made you wanna hug her. and get her some chicken.

    i was given friday off, so my truest drove me through the santa monica mountains
    where she took me to my favorite beachside shrimp shack

    we had a pound of jumbo shrimp, a half pint of clam chowdah, veggies, bread, and soda
    then we walked across pch and took pictures of the surfers

    took the long way home, which meant pch to sunset and sunset to hollywood

    driving thru beverly hills the sweet girl was all omg make a uturn

    it was this huge mansion with cool halloween decorations rockin

    the best were these creepy scarecrows. dude had dozens of them

    some of them were fine, but a few of them had the creep factor increased by a lot

    it was the perfect way to close out a great day.

    i want every day to be my birthday now.

  4. Friday, October 23, 2009

    i had such a great birthday yesterday 

    everyone at work was super great. there were cupcakes and balloons and rice krispy treats

    after work there was sushi and booze and tempura and more booze.

    after that there was The Grates and Those Darlins who were awesome.

    then there was MCDONALDS DRIVE THRU in the weeeeeeeee hours

    then there was massive passing outtting happening.

    now theres a hangover being cured except my neighbors are being loud cuz its a gorgeous morning

    made more gorgeous since i planned to take today off of work

    which means perhaps a drive up the pch to malibu

    or perhaps a nice walk to the cinema

    or perhaps i will just run topless around LA

    CUZ I CAN!!!

    thanks to everyone who expressed bday wishes in these comments, on twitter, and on facebook, oh and also to those who did it in person.

    such a great birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

    photo by the kogasnake

  5. Thursday, October 22, 2009
  6. Wednesday, October 21, 2009
  7. twelve random busblog posts over the last twelve months 

    the greatest private party concert buffett ive ever been to. ever.
    october 19, 2008

    “and he likes to play inside baseball against the italian nanny.”
    november 20, 2009

    “sorry bob, but guess who got suckered into going to da bears game last night?”
    december 23, 2008

    “the first time i saw barack obama”
    January 19, 2009

    “was at a beverly hills party tonight with yr girl”
    February 7. 2009

    “lessons learned from sxsw 2009”
    march 24, 2009

    “women who plan on loving me, i am not a good choice”
    april 15, 2009

    “the busblog goes to the american idol finale”
    may 20, 2009

    “tony, ok where were you the other night with karisa?”
    june 6, 2009

    “i touched the most valueable wristband of the week”
    july 06, 2009

    “its been a long time coming, and now the LA Times’ web site has been redesigned”
    august 12, 2009

    “the boss plays born to run all the way through”
    september 24, 2009

  8. my breakfast with paul 

    i was up till 4am last night finishing Paul Shaffer’s bio. im not much of a book reader. i just dont have the patience. my mind zips around. my phone is constantly ringing. im always thinking of blog ideas or twitter ideas or things to do for work.

    but because this was for work, and a future blog post, and because i had had had to do it and i wanted to represent the Times in a professional way, and because every now and then i have an insane desire to be better than anyone else, i wanted to read every word so that i could not just ask him about what he wrote, but so i could ask him about the stuff he left out.

    you dont understand, im an oooooooooooooold man. and im a tv junkie. i watched Letterman when he had a morning show which predates his latenight show with Paul. when Late Night with David Letterman happened i was prepared. i remember sitting with my grampa and giddilly telling him what to expect when the show debuted. i loved it, gramps was confused. it sure as hell wasnt Carson, he said.

    so i read pauls book and did my best to be at the famous Beverly Hills hotel on time. sad thing was this wasnt a famous BH hotel that id ever been to before. so i was late. not by much, but by a few minutes. the publicist called me and asked where i was. i told him. he said no NORTH. i was South.

    paul it seems had shown up at the suite early. he was just as excited as i was to talk about his book, which was quite a joy to read. when i got there i tossed the keys to my $800 car to the valet dude and got to the suite and said hi to the PR dude, changed the chairs around, and realized that they had blocked off 2 1/2 hours for us to chat.

    no offense but unless you’re half my age, are single, and have a blog, i probably dont wanna talk to you for more than an hour. i dont care how many rock stars youve jammed with.

    but because im used to just having 15 minutes with people, i was ready to get it going. Paul however was on a far more casual pace. we got through two questions and a dude arrived with a cart with juice, pastries, and water. suddenly it was tea time.

    i didnt eat anything. i was enjoying the butterflies in my belly. i drank a sip of water. i wanted to get back to it. but for those few minutes we had to engage in the chit chat. fine. whatevs.

    soon we were back at it. i asked about everything: the blues bothers, spinal tap, the fact that he quoted mackenzie phillips in his book in relation to her dad, we talked about whassup with the lack of great new bands in the last decade, we talked about opening for the Dead “it was the first time i played to a crowd who were ALL on acid”. we talked about craig ferguson, we talked about long ago when dave did a show in a hotel room.

    it was wonderful. paul was so generous with his tales. so good with his memory. and strangely had a great voice. deeper than youd think.

    it was a joy. im lucky to work where i do, and im lucky we had two video cameras going because whenever the interview gets edited it will look awesome.

  9. Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    i was gonna go see U2 at the rose bowl 

    but no one wanted to come with

    i was even thinking about just going myself cuz ive seen em several times and theyre always good

    but the worst place to see a concert is a giant stadium like the rose bowl.

    but thankfully U2 and YouTube have decided to make UTube and the show will be aired live

    via the interwebs of love.

    thanks fellas i will spend the few hundred bucks i was gonna spend on something decadent.