1. Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    This way is a waterslide away from me 

    That takes you further every day

    BobD: How do you feel now that the Ricketts Era has officially commenced?

    i have mixed feelings. Tribune didnt disappoint me one bit. they got pretty much everything that a Cub fan could have wanted. if they made mistakes they usually did it by getting big contracts (Milton Bradley, Kevin Gregg) instead of keeping cheaper existing Cubbies (Mark DeRosa, Kerry Wood). although in retrospect those sort of moves made the baby Harry cry, sometimes it really is the though that counts. and im glad that Trib thought that they could just throw money at problems. glad because now the Ricketts know that thats not going to solve much. i wish them well. on the curse.

    zona: favorite candy then, favorite now

    back in the olden days Marathon bars were my favorite. maybe because they seemed twice as big as they do now. not sure if i was just smaller then, but today they dont seem as magical. thus im way into M&M’s – plain.

    Basart: Instant replay in baseball, yes or no?

    people pretend that they have lives. they try to make us think that they have better things to do than to hang out at the ballpark for more than 3 hours. truth is they need to do two things – three really – to make going to the ball park a perfect experience.

    1. they need to impose instant replay on everything other than balls and strikes. the umpire union should not be more powerful than The Fan Union. and the fans should have all plays called correctly. so what if it makes the umps look bad. umps know what career they are getting involved in. and most of the times the umps are right. but when theyre wrong that shouldnt change the game. thus replay immediately.

    2. since the games are going to be epic monsters they need to stop cutting off beer sales at the 7th inning. not only is it unamerican, its insulting. let them drink, let them drink. which leads to…

    3. have breathalyzers in the stadium at the exit gates. make people pass the breathalyzer before they can leave the park, unless they can prove there is a designated driver who can pass the test. the sins of a few should not infringe on the freedoms of the many. me, i can drink the whole game, cuz i sip! if that effer goes into extra innings i want to sip into the 15th inning. let me drink, and if im drunk, keep me in the park till i sober. make me eat stale hot dog buns. none of us have better places to be.

    g/d: is a pillow case still the trick or treaters choice for candy collecting? remember: candy corn, miscellaneous taffy, fun sized bags of air (no chips) ,,,,,,marzipan? and people getting fresh by giving apples.

    pillow cases are grossly misused. only your head should lay on them at night. they shouldnt used to get candy, they shouldnt be used in bank hold ups, and they shouldnt be used as laundry bags. only sleeping. your mouth and nose and eyeballs are on them for HOURS – they should be kept super clean.

    stef: what’s danielle up to these days? also, has tiffany yee started a blog again yet? i miss reading her more than the madponies, and that’s a whole ton.

    danielle is considering moving back to LA after several pathetically dull years in san dieger a town so lame they named it once. tiffany yee is the most asked about former blogger on the busblog. she once wrote not just one but two really good blogs. but she hates people. she doesnt want to share her insights with people any more. especially now that she has some interesting things to say. instead she whispers them in my ear once a month when shes driving home from work. its sweet.

    Doug Arellanes: Aside from Sea Wolf, did you stick around for Little Dragon at the KCRW shindig?

    hi Dougie! after Sea Wolf we went downstairs and danced to DJ Shadow who bored me. but my date wanted to dance and im trying to be more fun in life. so i danced. after that we went back upstairs and danced to Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros who were ammmmmmaaaaaazzzzzig.

    Dick Cheney: Were you really at the KCRW deal? There are no photos of you.

    Like you, mr vp, i like to work from the shadows. Los Anjealous did capture me on the bottom right of this picture next to my nurse date.