been chatting with someone all night

who was telling me how everything this week symbolizes stuff. but im confused as to whether it symbolizes the year/decade thats ending or the one thats fixin to start.

she says the latter, but whos to say its not the former?

case in point: i just had the Best turkey dinner for Christmas. so juicy, so great. SO GREAT. so much so that i want another plate right now and its 339am. only problem is, if i go down to the kitchen, the little puppies will wake up and wanna play.

i can hear one of them yapping right now. and why wouldnt you wanna play with em?

anyways, i have a feeling the dinner symbolizes (if it symbolizes Anything) the great decade that just passed. so much happened. most of it was unexpected. for starters i started the decade in a foreign land, surrounded by so many of my friends, and we rang in the nude year, and we came back to america proud and stoked and ready to conquer the world.

much like how the mashed potatoes and greens and cranberry sauce dominated all up in my belly.

but then the gravy, the delicious gravy. my mom said she swore there was a leak in the pot because she’d add water and ten minutes later it was gone. the gravy of the decade was this blog: the thing i least expected would end up being the centerpiece of my life.

but it made everything so much better. indeed without it, everything is good, but a little dry, however with it – perfection.

if that meal symbolizes the future decade then fine, but it would be worrysome because it would mean that my cup will overfloweth. we had so much food the fridge is now overstuffed with leftovers.

does that mean that i will be jon from jon plus kate is eight? hope not. i had no probs with jon (other than his Ed Hardy wardrobe) but each time i visit the 630 i realize how little patience i have for little creatures be them cats dogs or kids. im sure it would all be different if they were mine, but a plethora of people under my care would be a disaster.

i dont even know where the remote control is in this room, lord help us all if i am supposed to remember where kid #3 is.

i think it symbolizes the past. i think my future is more like the really good cookie i ate on the way up to the guest room: smooth, sweet, and a wee bit naughty.

hope your Christmas was equally delicious.