1. Wednesday, December 30, 2009

    heading off to drink with carrie, courtney 

    and some knucklehead who cant get it together

    had some excellent sushi at Sushi Time on Queens Ave. and then went ice skating with the kids, and it dawned on me why so many of the female canadian bloggers seem to have such a hard time with the canadian dudes

    its so simple really

    there are no ugly girls in canada.

    for every snowflake theres two hot babes.

    not just hot but willing, funny, worldly, adventurous, and down to party.

    theres no reason at all for dudes to work for it.

    one day theres going to be a hot babe revolution up here and theyre gonna either beat the dudes into submission or storm the gates of america.

    and god i hope that revolution is televised.