its sleeting

its snowing

its super pretty out, and i can hear the garage open. my moms home.

she went out to get her hair and nails did. they were supposed to have Girls Night Out, but it looks like it might get canceled cuz of the weather.

i was thinking how easily i could be living here now. when i was younger i was so broke. the possibility of moving back to ILL was so tempting

my moms basement is bigger than my current apartment.

i would have probably been the guy scooping the snow off peoples driveways.

in fact i woulda figured out a way to get the contracts to shovel snow in the winter, and cut the grass in the summer of as many suburban communities as possible.

not exactly what the Lord had instore for me, it appears. and for that i’m grateful.

aim high, young folks. moms basement might be appealing in a lot of ways, but its far more rewarding to strike it out on yr own and blaze yr own trails. take it from me.

ps if you notice the comments are now going in the right direction