1. Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    ran down sunset to highland and then down hollywood blvd 

    saw three hookers.

    i think cuz its pretty warm at night, for decemeber

    saw these two cops pull over a car and then give me a good look as i ran by.

    two people said hi to me.

    one person walked past me with his mouth open as far as he could open it.

    saw several people dressed up to be out on the town.

    saw a wax statue of snoop doggy dogg that looked really real

    and saw a woman who looked like a celebrity, but wasnt.

    ran past this house where inside two people were talking

    and the dude goes its too bright in here and put a blanket over his head

    like he was a ghost.

    left it on, and went back to the conversation.

    saw all these people being interviewed to be servers at my favorite lunch restaurant

    ate pie when i got home.