comment of the week

hello,I’m a Chinese gilr
you know that I’m just 16years old and my english was so poor, but it was the thing that I want to told you that—nothing is impossible if you really stick to .

after looking at the IP address, and doing the olde reverse IP lookup, sure enough she be from China:

(unable to resolve 58.xx.1xx.14)
Country IP Address: CHINA

Dear China Gilr who is only 16years old.

if anyone knows that nothing is impossible it’s me. i know i forget this lesson all the time, but trust me, when i look around my many mansions and then at the mirror(s) i know the pearls of wisdom that you just laid down for me.

ive stuck to many a dream, and fortunately some of them have stuck right back.

but i heart you 16yr old chinese gilr, and when america is taken over by your nation i hope you heart me right back.

sticky buns foreverz,