i ran 6.3 miles last night through the streets of hollywood

took me an hour and a half which isnt bad, but certainly isnt good.

saw so many things that make me happy i run at midnight: saw a fire, saw a bum sleeping with his head up against a palm tree, saw many lines of people in skimpy outfits trying to get into clubs, saw people eating at Pinkberry (had no idea PB was open that late).

saw tourists, saw tourists looking for stuff, saw movies being made, saw food on plates on top of newspaper boxes, saw people buying medical marijuana. in fact that was the funny thing because as i approached the happy couple i swore it was someone i knew, but as i got closer i saw it wasnt someone i knew at all.

i cant imagine living anywhere else in LA other than hollywood which is odd because if youd had asked me 10 years ago what i thought of hollywood id have said “dirty, crime-ridden, trashy, cheesy, ugly” and today id say the same thing, except with a smile.

saw many businesses closed down.

we need some Crazy Magic, president obama.