1. Sunday, January 10, 2010

    not sure i would like Ke$ha’s music 

    but i like the Q&A she did with August Brown

    from the Pop & Hiss blog post “Pop phenom Ke$ha: ‘I saw pretension everywhere and I wanted to fight against it'”:

    Ke$hsa: This record very accurately documents my last four years of being absolutely broke in L.A. It’s honest, it’s real and I hope people can appreciate it. There was a good pop song in everything I did back then, like the backstabbing girl who stole my car. But the last song, “Animal,” that’s my philosophy on life, and that might be more the direction I go in the future. It’s about remembering that we’re really all just animals, and I indulge that more often than most people. I never said I was going to be the best influence.

    Brown: So what should they take away from you instead?

    Ke$ha: I’m making sure people know there’s no connection between money and happiness. I remember sitting in the Gold Room with two dollars in change wearing clothes I found in the garbage, but I was surrounded by people that love me. Those were my favorite moments from that time. To this day, if I see a pile of clothes on the side of the road, I’ll still pull over.

    yes i know the picture isnt the Gold Room, instead its Gold Diggers, but if everything on this blog was true no one would believe it.