omg new years eve

the northern illinois marching band played in the lobby

we went to a house party in a town called Barrie. Barrie has lots of snow

the house had all kinds of people, many dogs, a cat, and lots of fish

missc, paulie, and i dressed up as clockwork orange. we all played air hockey.
g-d do people in canada love hockey!

so yeah, we dressed up like clockwork orange. then the pirate eye patches came out.
the only thing missing were the pimp canes and fake mustaches.

carrie made paulie a 2 girls 1 cup cake. not one picture was sfw, except this one of Giuseppina taking a pic of the barbies

she also made cookies. which were sfw. the name, rapey eye cookies, however, were not sfw

after the ball dropped we hopped in the hot tub in the snow. as it snowed.
mighty amazing, and in the morn we had eggs, toast, and Chocolate Milk!!!!

Happy New YEAR!