only one out of ever 5,000 people live to 100

how to be one of them

if you want those extra 25 years, which some of us believe are the worst 25 years, start with choosing the right friends. if your friends are fat alcoholics with bad attitudes, guess what you will be?

Life Capacity is 90 years +/- but life expectancy is in the 70s.

so what are we doing wrong?

because TED rules, this dude tells us about places in the world where people live to 100 – and they live with vigor in those years.

so yes, how do we live to 100 and die peacefully in our sleep, after sex? the key is not – is NOT – going to the gym.

have more than 3 really good friends, treat the elderly with great respect, have weekly nature walks, learn how to chill out, and eat small portions of food till you’re only 80% full… for starters.