nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    the cool kids have done it again: 

    ladies and gentlemen, the newly improved Homicide Report

    hey eric ulken, now fancy guest lecturer in vancouver bc, what do you think?

    me, all i gotta say is holy mackeral, not only is the blog tremendous, but the map is so searchable and so flexible with so many ways to cross-reference… miraculous. major props to Sarah Ardalani, Megan Garvey, Thomas Suh Lauder, Maloy Moore, Anthony Pesce, Ken Schwencke, Ben Welsh. as well as Ruben Viles for taking the torch from Jill Leovy who started it all.

    heres a companion story that explains something only the map could have revealed about a certain section of south central

    and heres to one day never needing such a resource.

  2. Monday, January 25, 2010
  3. lauren pony now has a twitter account 

    thats right, the sister of the hottest babe in all of oklahoma has now joined the mobile internets.



    why do i care? i’ll tell you why. not only has the busblog had a beautiful relationship with the okie ladies since before time began (aka 2002)

    but it was Lauren fictionally killing me that lead to what was the best parts of “How To Blog” and the best parts of that turned into “Stiff”

    so i owe lil pony lots. so go tweet her or friend her or follow her or whatever you kids do now with people who are suddenly on Twitter. kthnxbi

    update: i am being told that Kristin is tweeting too.


    not many tweets since she started, but now that she has someone to retweet, maybe we will see an increase in her production. developing…

  4. i need to start saving up for SXSW 

    and i think the first thing i need to do is lay off eating sushi more than twice a month. youd think raw fish would be cheaper than cooked, since they aint gotta cook it but nope. they charge way more.

    other thing i gotta do is make my own lunch. some how the $5 footlong turns into $10 lunch and thats the cheapest meal you can get here in downtown LA.

    other thing i gotta do is cook a meal or two at night for my self. its crazy how i turn into the worst man when i get home: im lazy, slobby, worthless.

    i havent used my george foreman in years. nor my real bbq. who am i any more?

    saw Legion this weekend. pretty great.

    truest calls it “an A+ b-movie.”

  5. the king ordered a denver omlette 

    im going to be involved in some fairly revolutionary history this week

    so forgive me if i become a little distracted here.

    i still find you sexy. as all hell.

    but this week is special.

    so hold tight.

  6. Sunday, January 24, 2010

    pretty damn good game 

    sorry to see favre retire in that way

    but it seems like the saints were a team of destiny.

    who i really feel bad for is adrian peterson. and not just cuz he has a girls name.

    running backs really dont have much of a longevity and hes a special player.

    and next year if favre doesnt return, what miracle qb is going to lead the vikes past, say, da bears?

    indeed, if i was peterson, id make my way down to chicago. thats what id do.

  7. stopped raining so we all got off the ark 

    to see what survived

    saw this coyote strolling around griffith park

    i was all, yo! but he pretended to ignore me

    finally i got his attention and was all get lost fluffy

    and he peaced out

    fearless nfl picks
    vikings by 7
    colts by 14

  8. Saturday, January 23, 2010

    today is lindsays birthday. shes 24 

    lindsayive got no business knowing her. shes got no business knowing me.

    but one day i got an email which i promptly ignored and several month later there was a followup asking if i knew what the heck i was doing.

    does anyone know what the heck theyre doing?

    so i said sir make a video to prove to me that youre who you claim to be, and lindsay made a short but convincing video and conversation was had and a few months later there she was in hollywood at a party being thrown by canadians.

    and the rest is history.

    lindsay swears she was born on this day, but how is she not a scorpio.

    born in minnesota, raised in minnesota, but while at the crossroads a vision appeared to her saying if you move away from minnesota then the vikings will make it to the super bowl

    and she said but im dating a young billionaire and we’re pretty serious.

    the spirit said, and you have to break up with bro too.

    and the rest is history.

    tonight lindsay is in vegas ringing in her new year.


    probably buzzed.

    and no question, thinking about the busblog.

    happy birthday