techcrunch interviews facebook

: arrington chats with zuckerberg

this is the interview that didnt happen at sxsw two years ago.

zuckerberg is so young, but hes been in the hot seat for a while now and has it down.

when people just assume that Google is going to win year after year, you only have to look at Facebook and Twitter and see that just a few really smart people can change the game entirely.

whats fascinating to me about zuckerberg and ev is they could have sold out so long ago but they resisted purely financial temptations and stuck with their babies. and now facebook and twitter are both bigger, more powerful, and more dynamic than ever expected.

and what this interview subtly talks about is brand, brand loyalty, and the trust of online company with its users very detailed personal lives.

meanwhile, neither company has ever charged its average user a penny. yet both companies are filthy with cash.

these are modern times indeed bob dylan