two cool ladies

doing cool video, teaching cool deals

the first is Mickipedia who is helping a new generation of entrepreneurs launch their startups to help achieve their dreams. one of her new projects is Neighbor Goods where you can “save and earn money by sharing stuff with your friends”. as someone who started his own business many moons ago, i can tell you that its pretty awesome to call your own shots and make your own money. it would have been great to back then to have had people like Micki around doling out sweet tips and creating communities like Neighbor Goods. she also skates for the LA Derby Dolls.

the second is Keri, the Canadian Explorer. you may recall that i met Keri on New Years Eve and we waited in line to buy booze. she has a cool deal going where she travels around Canada and video interviews interesting people. sorta like a younger, hotter, huel howser. with a better theme song.

what i love about both of these ladies is theyre following their dreams and making things happen on their own terms.