1. Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    yesterday jon stewart blew it 

    he was trying to interview the guy who wrote the brief that allowed the bush administration to waterboard and etc. but the guy was so smooth and subtley eloquent that stewart couldnt do that gotcha journalism that everyone frets about.

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    today he did something incredible. he admitted that he failed us as an interviewer. how rare is that.

    truth of the matter is he underestimated his guest mr john yoo. the other truth is his yoo knew how stewart was going to attck and in return easily and gracefully took the question and returned serve in a way that neither denied nor objected to the question/statement and replied in a way that made you feel deceptively satisfied.

    so not only was he the right guy to appear on the daily show, but he was definately the right guy to write a brief on why “enhanced” interrogations were kosher.

    id read his book but now he frightens me with his slowball changeup hypnosis of persuasion.

    the interview can be found on little green footballs.