1. Sunday, February 28, 2010

    congratulations Canada! 

    you won fair n square via what “Slapshot” would have called, “good old-fashioned hockey”

    above is John Bollwitt, Mr604’s, video of cannucks singing their anthem as their players get gold.

    below are some of the pro-USA tweets i delivered during the game

    Gearing up for the US / Canada hockey Super Bowl by getting a $60 shredder at Staples for $20 and a $3 burrito. USA! USA!

    nice to hear “Welcome to the Jungle” is the universal anthem that something is fixin to go down. #usa #hockey #canadassuperbowl

    which one is Gretzky?

    One things for sure, Canada wins the coveted Better Hockey Jersey Design award. Did our side even try? #canadassuperbowl #hockeynight

    Al Michaels forgot it was daytime? 1pm? Keep drinking bro, and bababooey to y’all. #hockey #canadassuperbowl


    sweet stick handling! #thatswhatshesaid

    that shot and reaction looked like an execution. sadly the execution failed. #canadassuperbowl #usa #hockey

    GET BRETT FAVRE IN THERE IF THIS IS HOW ITS GONNA GO DOWN! #usa #hockey #canadassuperbowl

    Playing the Donnas “Gold Medal” and up comes “Is That All You Got For Me?” ironically (?) #canadassuperbowl #hockey

    The only thing more exciting than the Empty Net is Stealing Home #hockey #usa #canadassuperbowl

    DO YOU BELIEVE IN TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apparently the Lord wanted a little more of this really really really good thing. It is His day today, after all. #canadassuperbowl #hockey

    Nothing better than Free Baseball on a hockey rink. #instantuglyamericanism

    No Canada!

    loving / hating that black eyed peas tune

    im glad we’re not smiling. second place is for secondplacers, not americans. #canadassuperbowl