1. Monday, February 15, 2010

    i had a great vday 

    i hope you did too

    vday really should be abolished because i think more people get super bummed out than are happy. when you think about it, if youre in love, every day is a happy day, and if youre single you really dont need a FULL DAY to remind yourself that youre not where you probably wanna be.

    my truest was my vday date (and vice versa).
    she made me a tin of homemade chocolate

    she also suggested that we have a little fun

    turned out she meant go kart racing fun!

    little known fact: little kids CANNOT DRIVE WELL AT ALL!

    fine with me cuz someone smelled sake and beer on our breaths and we were booted

    so we jetted to a secret hideout and thanked Jah for one another. awwwww

    after we went to maggianos and had such great food and even better dessert