nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    as you know i heart keeeerstin dunst more than life itself 

    no one understands this. not even the chinese bootlegger who sold me all those second rate marie antoinette post cards (who i later gave a Neutral review cuz the quality was so piss poor – which didnt stop me from hanging every one on my walls at the crib)

    so here we have keeersten dressed up like a backup dancer for gwen stefani singing one of the worst tunes from the 80s.

    but who cares? look at those dimples. look at those teeth. check out those eyes.

    tell me they dont make you melt.

    and all through the lens of my man murakami?

    ahhh kirsten. bring it on baby.

    its been broughten.

  2. omg leah just adopted a snowman! 

    i mean a baby

    i mean a rockstar husband.

    no A DOG! she rescued a dog!!!!

    there are many things that i look forward to SXSW in march,

    one is seeing my friends dan and sara who always jet out from DC to make it out to the fest… this time, hopefully with their little bundle of joy

    the other is seeing the 1,500 bands and all the movers and shakers of the interweb industry

    but maybe the best part of the trip is seeing leah and her husband taylor and his great band Quiet Company.

    and now they have two new members of their family: a cute lil baby, and now a happy dog!

    march cant come soon enough.

    promise, america, that you’ll meet me there.

    photo by leah

  3. nine great stories from yesterday and tonight 

    Depeche Mode‘s former keyboardist Alan Wilder returns to the band at Royal Albert Hall and plays “Somebody” in the rehearsal video above for the first time in 16 years. – Caleb Bacon/ LAist

    In light of Vice President Cheney‘s 5th heart attack, the Booster Shots blog asks “How Many Heart Attacks Can One Person Have?” – Thomas Maugh II / LA Times

    Flipbook of the Day – a Rainbow in Your Hands. (good luck trying to buy em for all your friends) – Daily What

    The same people behind PETAKillsAnimals.com has a site that tries to discredit Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and another site that attempts to debunk the “myth” that Obesity will shorten life expectancy. Their new target: The Humane Society – Lindsay Barnett & P.J. Huffstutter / LA Times

    People near the Sunset Junction are a little spooked in the wake of a shooting in broad daylight. – The Eastsider LA

    “If you would like to see the New York Yankees at Dodger Stadium in June, the Dodgers would like you to buy tickets to at least 13 other games this season.” –
    Bill Shaikin and Dylan Hernandez / LA Times

    Jamie and Frank McCourt, the owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, are going through a divorce. That process has brought to light some interesting financial information. Such as the inconvenient truth that jointly they made $108 million from 2004 through 2009 without the burden of having to be bothered with paying any federal or state income taxes. And they did it legally. – Michael Hiltzik / LA Times

    Matt Damon and Jake Gylennhall turned down Avatar – Hero Complex

    A very sweet audio slide show about Hesh Sedaghat, the Head Waiter at the Original Pantry – Mel Melcon / LA Times

  4. Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    i dont like cats 

    and i dont want a dog

    i dont want kids. and i dont have a girlfriend.

    i dont want a house. and i dont own a boat.

    i dont want a mortgage. and i dont own many stocks.

    i dont want fancy clothes. and i dont own a cane.

    i dont want this pot belly. and i dont have a gym membership.

    im a lot like you and you and you.

    but odds are i dont want to be.

    i wish i was a lot like you and you and you.

    and i dont think i’ll ever be.

    but i do like that cat.

    and not just cuz its black.

  5. Since I grew up in Los Angeles 

    I see the city in a very personal way and I wanted to show Los Angeles the way I grew up in it.

    There’s a light in L.A. that is very different from the East Coast,

    and there’s an expansiveness.

    There is much that is ugly in L.A.,

    but also a kind of beauty in the ugliness.

    I love that there are still sections of the Sunset Strip without high-rises.

    That you can be at a farmers market surrounded by 1920s Craftsman homes

    and then halfway down the street is a ninety-nine-cent store.

    The way the dust catches the light, how green it is.

    The beauty of the sky in winter.

    – Jennifer Jason Leigh in conversation on her latest film Greenberg

  6. Monday, February 22, 2010

    you know what ive learned about love? 

    you shouldnt really pay much attention from people who you sex great,
    cuz everyone sexxes great.

    you shouldnt really get too invested with people you get a long with,
    cuz how hard is it to get along with

    you also shouldnt really get all choked up with someone who looks great
    cuz lord only knows if you’ll get sick of what they look like.

    but you should pay attention to someone who you can fight with.
    cuz that, i guarantee, will be in yr future.
    and if you can do that in a way thats short and sweet
    and something that doesnt fester
    then you my friend have found a keeper.

  7. greatest thing about this weekend? 

    no, not seeing randy newman at ucla with a pretty girl
    right after eating in n out and licking ketchup

    no not seeing shutter island in a crowded theatre
    or visiting the apple store or eating lettuce wraps at pf changs

    no not watching the usa beat canada in hockey
    or lebron and shaq vs orlando or the fact it didnt rain much

    the greatest thing about this weekend were not the passionate kisses
    or moonlight drives or late night advances or tipsiness

    it was learning that the Simpsons are 1/64th black.