1. Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Since I grew up in Los Angeles 

    I see the city in a very personal way and I wanted to show Los Angeles the way I grew up in it.

    There’s a light in L.A. that is very different from the East Coast,

    and there’s an expansiveness.

    There is much that is ugly in L.A.,

    but also a kind of beauty in the ugliness.

    I love that there are still sections of the Sunset Strip without high-rises.

    That you can be at a farmers market surrounded by 1920s Craftsman homes

    and then halfway down the street is a ninety-nine-cent store.

    The way the dust catches the light, how green it is.

    The beauty of the sky in winter.

    – Jennifer Jason Leigh in conversation on her latest film Greenberg