today seems to be music video day


and you know i love bruce willis

true story however: worst concert ive ever been to was the Gorillaz at the Hollywood Palladium.

effers could have just played their entire cd for all we know. they had a sheet on the stage and apparently they were performing behind the sheet, but it was this whole psychological trip

which i wasnt buying.

it will be interesting to see what they are able to do at Coachella, but if its lame: you heard it here first!

with that said, i think this is a pretty cool song and an even better video.

someone had clippers jazz tickets at staples

and a ride there.

someone also had luxury box seats which came with free whistlers who took requests

the suite came with a full bar, bartender, and discount prices on everything

they even had a dessert cart with candied apples and cake rollin in the hallway
(not pictured cuz youd die from its deliciousness)

and at halftime we got to take the elevator down one floor and eat at the restaurant

and then i looked up and was reminded of That Game

took the subway home and helped out some russians who werent going to transfer at wilshire / vermont

how did you know we were making a mistake one of them asked. your accents, i said.