this is me and moka at sxsw in 2007

and omg who do we have here 3 years later?

moka had been spending some quality time in old south korea, then moved to the mission in frisco

for some reason i thought she was engaged but nope just has a bf. just!

even though she had lived here back in the day i was all, lemme take you to some good bbq

but everyone knows about the good bbq place so they had a hella line

so we hopped in a cab and she said south congress, they have food trucks.

but we ended up at Gueros cuz arent margueritas and fish tacos better than some stinky truck?

after we ate cupcakes

do you know i love you?

i do.

really all i have tried to do in life was express this.

all the pictures all the sounds all the videos

all the words all the links all the tales

only reason i go out at night to party is so i have something nice to tell you in the morn

and then ironically i ended up in a place where i cant tell you all the tales

which means we all have to work on our esp better

or just know the root of it all which also ironically is above.

portrait of a man not pacing himself well

the plan was to drink beer. beer only.

the plan wasnt to kiss any canadian girls in texas, just texans.

maybe austrailians.

the plan was to keep the blinds open so that the sun would be the alarm clock.

plan was to do most of the blogging from inside the panels.

plan was to eat well and even run around town in the early morn

or at least go to the gym every other day.

plan was to have all wires, electric equipment, tools, ready and tested.

best laid plansll never get you laid.