i hate jimmy fallon

and im glad that no one talks about him

not crazy about Andy Samberg either because hes just a slightly better ripoff of fallon

but i gotta say, this version of Lazy Sunday with the Roots

who start off by playing N.W.A and RUN DMC and include the Beastie Boys is so good

as in SO

hello kitty

video game expert, heavy metal surfer rosa,

and all around good girl, ali-san de la valley got sent to nyc

yes The new york city.

three ladies took three hours to put her in a $15,000 get up

and then she took the stage and MC’ed some event attended by big wigs from both sides of the globe

and did so in japanese

and a smile.

and now shes back. with pics, which proves it happened.

so domo arigato

the futures uncertain and the end is always near

i left the STP show at the austin music hall early cuz thats what you do when 2000 bands are playing over 4 days.

because of that i missed their encore when Robby Kreiger of the Doors joined the band on stage for the classic tune with all the famous lines

my favorite being, well i woke up this morning and got myself a beer.

its funny that there was all this Doors stuff going on because as i left the show and described how shocked i was at how good Scott Weiland was, i often compared him to Jim Morrison, in the sense that he was wild, unpredictable, and ridiculously handsome.

but then i saw this video this morning and i was all, meh.