im so outta shape

being young means not knowing what to do or how to do it.

being old means not having enough energy to complete it.

being me means not giving enough of a crap to even try.

last weeks Lost showed a dude tied up to the inside of a boat. water dripping just out of reach.

dude worked so hard to get a drop of water. faught a wild pig to get a nail. prayed. hallucinated. then finally bartered with what appeared to be Satan for freedom.

i woulda just hung there for in my soul im gen x. in my bones im a slacker. this is all borrowed time. but instead of scurrying about trying to collect as much of this or that as possible id rather be fishing spooning.

id rather be watching tv.

if only this computer wasnt so reliable. if only so many beautiful people werent on the other side of this modern day walkie talkie lifting their shirts. if only the distractions didnt outweigh the alternatives.

what would we have here? poetry? prose? book after book after book?

i feel like ive done it all seen it all accomplished everything of value. all the other things are boobie prizes: homes cars cashes. surely what you want is love.

certainly what you want is that nearly childlike feeling that omg we dont have to do Anything, we can just lay naked in this kingsized bed while on vacation and stare into each others eyes. clearly the booze is just something to do with your liver because we’re already high. on life. cheesy but true.

didnt you?

happy passover to my hebrew amigos

the book of exodus is my second favorite book in the bible.

seriously, how do you beat Genesis?

but the passover story in exodus has so many awesome moments:

– a paranoid Pharaoh who tries to kill all the male babies right after they’re born
– a baby Moses being floated down the Nile in a little basket
– an older Moses kills an Egyptian who was fighting with a Jew
– Moses talks to the Burning Bush
– the Ten Plagues, which are incredibly creative and bizarre
– ending with the plague that all first born Egyptians are killed at night by an invisible spirit

the the exodus itself is amazing with manna from heaven, water out of rock, a pillar of clouds in the day and a pillar of fire at night

and we havent even gotten to the Red Sea!

so yes i celebrate all of this and as a Lit major and a someone who enjoys great writing,

shalom friends!

it was 85 degrees yesterday so i went for a hike

i really wanted to do a spring cleaning of my drawers and cupboards but it was 85 degrees and they say its gonna be 64 degrees starting wednesday. and its gonna rain.

so i hiked. i didnt wanna. but id been sick and i was still a little sick. sick enough i needed to bring some kleenex. plus nature never agrees with my sensitive nose.

and i dont know if i was raised right or what, but when im with a lady all i focus in on is her. sometimes a hot woman will walk past when im on a date or with a friend and she will be talking and all of a sudden she will stop talking and say “i will just let you soak that in.”

and i will say soak what in. and they will say that ridiculous fashion model who just strolled by. and i will say something like, the only woman in this room is you. and they’ll say oh please, save it.

but its true. its good to have tunnel vision.

i bring this up because usually when i hike runyun canyon im with karisa and shes beautiful as we all know and typically shes fun to be with. a tad less fun when hiking cuz she makes me mountain climb and do push ups and eat weird honey concoctions and she frowns at my lack of stamina and etc.

but i always like to be with her and its easy to block out all the other distractions around our periphery. but america, yesterday i was shocked, shocked i tell you at all the fine young women crawling around that mountain.

i hiked alone and mama mia on a hickory stick. i felt like i was at the playboy mansion as they were holding auditions. every type of woman in every type of skin tight outfit was out there with their water bottles and headphones and ponytails and spandex and like a dream every corner brought out a new one.

it was almost as if Someone Above was all, psssst if you come here more often this is what i will reward your eyes with.

i hiked around places id never been to before and at every bend i was treated to a new view. on the left was the hollywood sign and behind it in the distance a snow covered mountain range. and to the right all the buildings of westwood and behind that the shining ocean. twas awe inspiring.

i sweated, i listened to howard in my ear buds, i worked off that days fast food, and when i got home i took the longest shower. and thanked Jah for all that nature he blessed LA with.