1. Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    etienne, reporting from Chile, 

    with a chilly updatey

    Hey Tony,

    Yeah, I’m alive. Things are still bad, though. I’m not sure what you
    see on the international news, but from what I’ve seen on the BBC,
    you’re only getting a sliver. I know you’re no stranger to
    earthquakes, so you know how fracking terrifying this situation is. I
    could have never imagined. The sound! The disgusting sound of it all!
    Anyway, I only have a bit of time at the internet place, because
    there’s a long line-up. There are still lots of places in Santiago
    without power, and there hasn’t been any bottled water since the
    quake. We have it way better than 300km away from here.

    I hope this email isn’t too scattered. It’s a scattered time.

    Love ya,

    p.s. Thanks for your email. It made me feel happy.

    photo of etienne from happier times