1. Saturday, March 20, 2010

    here i am in the hotel restaurant 

    waiting on some ham n eggs

    thinking about the cool people i hung with

    thinkin about some of the cool tshirts i saw

    thinkin about all the Good bands i saw

    remembering all the cool haircuts i seen

    recalling all the randoms who asked me to take their picture

    reliving all the tasty meals i ate

    grateful for the killer access i received

    close enough to peer into the souls of legends

    close enough to steal dance moves from the stars

    close enough to reconnect with blogging heroes

    and lucky enough to hang with a Red River pioneer, right there on Red River

    you know who was good?


    you know what i wanna bring next time

    a bike.

    and you

    i’ll be back. dont fret.