i think im over Lost

i was patient during the boring years. like a man in love with a woman but then realized he was just looking at her hair and not listening to her words.

Lost is like that. style but so little substance.

this was supposed to be the season where everything came together and made sense. instead we are getting this second path about what would have happened if they hadnt crashed. we’re getting bodies being inhabited with new souls. we’re getting even more questions, few answers.

it was cute for a while, a long while, indeed. but wheres the substance?

what are we supposed to learn from these people?

it feels like these characters were barbie dolls shoved in a box and then people shook the box around and we’re supposed to be entertained by it all and pretend that all the connections are more than coincidences or tomfoolery.

what was the purpose of this show? was it just a jigsaw puzzle and we should be happy when all the pieces are put together? but what picture is it going to make? it better make a kickass freakin picture because im pretty much through with this show. which is sad cuz for a while it was my favorite.

additionally: Metafilter had an interesting thread about Lost yesterday