im so outta shape

being young means not knowing what to do or how to do it.

being old means not having enough energy to complete it.

being me means not giving enough of a crap to even try.

last weeks Lost showed a dude tied up to the inside of a boat. water dripping just out of reach.

dude worked so hard to get a drop of water. faught a wild pig to get a nail. prayed. hallucinated. then finally bartered with what appeared to be Satan for freedom.

i woulda just hung there for in my soul im gen x. in my bones im a slacker. this is all borrowed time. but instead of scurrying about trying to collect as much of this or that as possible id rather be fishing spooning.

id rather be watching tv.

if only this computer wasnt so reliable. if only so many beautiful people werent on the other side of this modern day walkie talkie lifting their shirts. if only the distractions didnt outweigh the alternatives.

what would we have here? poetry? prose? book after book after book?

i feel like ive done it all seen it all accomplished everything of value. all the other things are boobie prizes: homes cars cashes. surely what you want is love.

certainly what you want is that nearly childlike feeling that omg we dont have to do Anything, we can just lay naked in this kingsized bed while on vacation and stare into each others eyes. clearly the booze is just something to do with your liver because we’re already high. on life. cheesy but true.

didnt you?