1. Sunday, March 7, 2010

    in defense of the quickie 

    almost every time i am asked about the keys to blogging
    i say first you really have to blog
    and somewhere their excuse is but i dont have the time.

    meanwhile all of them understand the beauty and the glory
    and the satisfaction
    of what many have called the Quickie.

    it should be of no surprise that in these A.D.D. days
    of instant messaging, drive thru fast food, and chat roulette…

    a short powerful blast of reportage from ur part of the world
    might be exactly what yr fans want,

    and what yr perfectly capable of delivering.

    for example, yesterday andy threw a keg party
    and the craftsman was delicious
    and the guests were dynamic, fascinating, and mindblowing.
    even the rain came.