In this month’s SPIN, Paul Westerberg reveals to Billie Joe Armstrong

that the main line in the chorus of “Bastards of Young” is not what we’ve all been singing along to for more than 20 years

Westerberg: “It took years for someone to pick up on the fact that the chorus is “Wait on the sons of no one,” not “We are the sons of no one.” I didn’t even know that – I wrote it and forgot it. A writer named Bob Mehr had to point that out to me. I actually took it from a chapter in the Bible.”

SPIN: Whoa And that might be the most famous line you’ve ever written.

Armstrong: I can’t wait to tell my friend Jason – we always play Replacements trivia. I’m so winning this one. (page 53, April 2010, Spin)

(for the record, i cannot find that so called bible chapter anywhere in the bible.)

later Billie Joe asks Paul why they never created a side project together and Paul says its the same reason John Fogerty and Alex Chilton never had one – because they do pretty much the same type of music.