1. Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    tacos arizas is why i believe in america 

    or at least los angeles.

    only here can you make food out of a truck, park it next to a walgreens,

    and please so many people all night, who dont deserve your tender wares.

    they have a few milk crates on the sidewalk if you cant wait to eat yr tacos

    they have a small card table aside the trailer if you want to add some salsa

    and across the street a man in a tiny truck blares spanish music and repairs shoes.

    he has a sign that says shoe repairs.

    i wait for my tacos al pastor, look down at my shoes, and wished they needed repairing.

    a buck fifty for two tacos, four bucks for a pollo burrito, a buck tip and

    oh why not another fiddy cent for being so awesome

    and then speed away into the darkness of echo park