1. Monday, March 15, 2010

    this is what it looks like in a huge panel discussion 

    this is a great one about Twitter tools moderated by Guy Kawasaki. Scoble was able to make it on the panel. thank god.

    the hashtag is #twittertools

    theyre trying to figure out what are the best tools in which to maximize yr twitter experience

    and now theyre talking about who could dethrone twitter

    the panel thinks facebook could possibly, but probably wont

    finally theyre getting around to Google Buzz but even that isnt a huge threat.

    foursquare and gowalla is now being talked about.

    what i love about these panels is, they are good conversations, but how do you predict these trends? twitter was here as Blogger in ’03 but how could anyone have predicted twitter’s splash in ’06 and dominance today?

    so even though its fun to speculate, you cant really see the future of this world because it market really does think outside the box.

    who on earth would have thought that a cap at 140 characters, via something americans werent using that much (SMS text messaging) would be The Answer for what was missing in social media?

    update: Ev’s Twitter keynote is getting decidedly mixed reviews – i keep telling you hes soft spoken!