1. Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    today is also Tiffany Yee’s birthday 

    (shes on the right)tiffany yee

    i met her a long time ago, via blogging, when she was just 19 years gold.

    and after i met her my heart went pitter pat.

    and i said youre so much better in real life.

    and she said than what? and i said than your blog.

    she said whats wrong with my blog? i said you need a blog where you can be yrself.

    and i knew of a dozen other young women in the same sitch

    women who, if they were anonymous, could tell the world all the cool secrets they tell me.

    so i made a blog called Lick, put Tiffany on the cover, and all was good.

    and thinking about her, and it, and all of that, makes me wanna do it again. soon.

    happy 21st birthday tiffany yee!