9 minutes with tony

i have 9, now 8 minutes to go before i head off to lunch. so lets get a post in here and tell you whats going through my mind.

whats chapping my hide, if thats what you call it is the Curious Case of the Stolen Bike.

i have a bike i never ride and it sits in my kitchen that i never use.

the other day i noticed it was missing. now i have a maid and zero roommates. and sometimes i forget to shut my front door.

i dont think my maid took it cuz she loves me and vice versa. which makes me think that while she was cleaning my house she left the back door open and maybe she moved my bike near the door and someone just stole it.

water under the bridge.

what bugs me is i noticed my easter basket was stolen!

now that i cant stand.

seriously, who goes into a home, steals a bike and then says mmmmm M&M’s!?

i can understand if youre unemployed. i can understand if youre hungry and have kids at home waiting for food. but jelly beans? granted, thats the closest thing to “food” that i have, but come on.

plus it helps me triangulate when the bike was jacked.

all i know is i may soon have a web cam streaming from my many mansions. waiting to catch a theif.