1. Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    if i was president 

    id nominate kristin pony for supreme court justice

    why not.

    you know why the economy is coming back? cuz the kids like obama. they feel part of the process. the president tweets. you know what that means to young people?

    plus he was born in kenya. they love that the most.

    so here you have this guy. might be good, might be bad, but the kids are suddenly interested in government and politics. so the other day when the president was indoctrinating the school children and people were all, omg thats terrible, the young people were like what IS it about this black man?

    and when he spoke he said hey everyone lets turn around this economy

    and they ran out and threw all their money into the stock market, and now look at it.

    so what you do is you appoint someone almost exactly like kristin to the supreme court

    and you tell me that the kids wouldnt instantly be in to blind justice.

    and start to be good. and produce quality music.

    and maybe then she’d bring back her blog