nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    remember Gizmodo? 

    and how they paid for the lost iPhone 4.0 dealie?

    a blogger named Simon Owens asked me to comment on it. which i would have done easily, but then he wanted me to try to figure out if he was a “blogger” or a “journalist” which is a debate im not interested in diving into.

    in this case its somewhat valid because journalists typically have more rights to privacy regarding things that theyre writing (or planning to write, or simply theyve collected) than bloggers.

    in trying to research something smart that Jeff Jarvis said around the idea that bloggers should try to remain bloggers, i ran across something snarky Gawker chief Nick Denton said that pretty much takes away any protection his bloggers would have if they ever claimed to be deemed journalists. that example and my response shocked Owens.

    But perhaps the most surprising response came from Tony Pierce, the blog editor for the LA Times. Pierce first gained his blogging street cred from his incredibly personal Busblog before landing a gig as editor for LAist. His success there led to his coveted spot at the Times. In a brief G-Chat message to me, he pointed to an interview Gawker founder Nick Denton gave to the Washington Post in which he said that, “We may inadvertently do good. We may inadvertently commit journalism. That is not the institutional intention.”

    go to his post to see what i wrote that surprised him so.

  2. today theres about ten zillion cop cars outside our building 

    huge funeral for former lapd chief daryl gates.

    because of that the amount of crazy cop cars from all over LA are on display

    plus motorcycles and swat vehicles and boats and copters.

    sure public servants should get love and respect when they pass away

    but imagine the streets lined with school buses when veteran teachers die

    or ambulances when long time nurses slip off into the dark abyss.

    or parades of valley girls in plaid skirts when bloggers peace out.

    to me, that would be progress.

  3. Monday, April 26, 2010
  4. can you get high from hummus? 

    i think i have a little buzz going from this afternoons pita.

    i think im ready for friday already

    i think i wanna go next door to the LAPD and give daryl gates my final respects

  5. on the left is carolyn kelloggg 

    at the festival of books

    as you may recall, carolyn was the editor of LAist until 6/5/06

    in many many ways, if there was no carolyn my life would be radically different.

    carolyn stepped down from LAist to persue a masters out in Pittsburgh,

    and she was nice enough to recommend me to her bosses (who still havent sold the Ists yet…)

    and the rest was history.

    carolyn is now the lead blogger for our books blog, Jacket Copy, so i was asking her, and the Books Editor’s wife (on the right) if this weekend was her Super Bowl.

    i think she said yes. either way they were both very happy this weekend, and anything that makes Carolyn happy makes me happy since i owe her everything.

  6. Sunday, April 25, 2010
  7. the la times festival of books was way different than i expected 

    first of all, waaaay more people than youd ever think.

    all those people read books!?!?!?!?

    no really who would think that the way you get tons of people to come outside in LA is to have a huge two-day love fest for books and authors and stories and hanging out?

    booth after booth after booth of interesting people, cool writers, and fascinating themes.

    also, outdoor conventions are far cooler than indoor ones.

    so much more natural and easy-going.

    kids were rolling in the grass, dogs were fetching, people brought picnic baskets. you dont see that in convention halls.

    concessionaires roamed selling lemonade and cotton candy and pop

    and sprinkled here and there were cartoon characters scaring the crap out of adults

    and soothing the children.

    it made me wanna write books so i too could partake in the party.

    i was very proud of the Times for this very cool deal.

    but the coolest thing i saw was The Hero Complex, named after our comic book blog

    Geoff Boucher worked super hard to get that blog approved, and worked even harder to make it what it is today which is THE source for all things genre-related.

    geoff gets all the directors from batman to avatar, all the big stars, all the cool legends, and they talk to him and give him the scoops and he blogs about it every day.

    i think about all the pushback he experienced trying to get that thing to happen

    and now it has its own section at the book fest. and its perfect.

    got to hang out with former LAT brainiac Josh Lucas, all around great guy and Cub fan, who works with the other Josh and several others at AT&T Interactive,

    and as we started talking he told me that he worked with our old pal Charlie Hornberger.

    you know the guy i married?

    i think Josh had told me that they worked together a while ago but i had no clue what they were working on…


    and sure enough, theres charlie and theres josh kleinpeter!

    omg smallest world in the world.

    not sure how Buzz will do, but now that i know its Charlie and the Josh’s thing, im gonna sign up asap cuz i know it wont suck.

    but first, since its sunday, and the cubs are up 12-1 i will crack open the best book of all, the greatest story ever told

    peace out babies

  8. Saturday, April 24, 2010

    kingsford always has good ads 

    and this one makes use of an interesting cover of human league’s fascination

    which, if youve seen their video, would be something i wouldnt even try to top in this medium

    but good for kingsford for attempting the imposs

    and succeeding

  9. courtney was so much better on friday 

    than thursday. like so much

    i dont wanna give the guy who shot this any criticism, but he missed out on the request that courtney granted when someone yelled out gold dust woman. which led to this.

    she was more lucid, more rockin, and had a bit more stamina than the night before. plus she was more willing to push her voice.

    great set. about 50 mins. glad i went both nights. and glad this dude videoed both nights.

    hole set list night two:

    1. Pretty On The Inside
    2. Skinny Little Bitch
    3. Miss World
    4. Violet
    5. Letter To God
    6. Gold Dust Woman
    7. Pacific Coast Highway
    8. Nobody’s Daughter
    9. Malibu
    10. Samantha
    11. Celebrity Skin
    12. Play With Fire
    13. Doll Parts
    14. Thirteen