1. Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    talked for an hour and ahalf with a weird squirrel 

    because shes not in the mode to see things as positively as i am,
    she may take offense of the weird part or the squirrel part

    but let it be know, i frickin love the weird part.

    so many times i will be talking to some new girl or some new someone and im thinking god would she look a lot better in a shiny blouse with a whole buncha stars on em

    or why doesnt she just hurry up and kiss me already or

    how come she doesnt see that my coffee table needs to be danced on.

    tonights weird squirrel is so perfect she doesnt need to dance on my coffee table

    or wear anything crazy

    becaause shes interesting enough.

    she wont believe me if i told her because no one ever believes me unless im being mean

    ironic because when im being mean im not being me and thats precisely when you shouldnt listen to the words but only hear the sounds

    and the sounds only mean “im hurt” “im confused” “im in pain”.

    listen when im happy to the words

    which is why ive tried only to be happy here

    becasue im the weirdest damn squirrel youve ever met.

    which is why i’ll talk to people like juliette

    and you

    and anyone who i dont have to imagine crazy things about

    cuz theyre already fascinating

    evne when theyre just sitting there

    all nite