yes taylor swift was really good last night

and yes that is katy perry with her below

taylor did two really interesting covers. one was of justin timberlakes “what goes around”

and the other was of perry’s hot n cold where the spunky santa barbaraian popped up and did a duet with swift on the very stage where taylor was ridiculed for dueting with stevie nicks.

none of the 19k screaming girls cared about anything other than having fun. which made it fun.

taylor flips her hair around awkwardly. she struts around on cue. she raises her sparkling guitar in the air and holds each pose as if she needs to catch her breath. all small details which the 20 yr old will iron out as she continues to headline tours.

but whats most important is she can write a pop song that her audience can relate to.

only question i had was, hows she supposed to write about those no good boys who break her heart if shes locked in her ivory tower while on the road?

the weirdest tune was the finale “Should’ve Said No” which brought up images of Blue Man Group and Flashdance because of the banging on the garbage cans ending in a drenching of water to end the gig.

cuz everyone knows the shows over when the hair and makeup are ruined. :)

yes i will see her again.