although its nice that First Lady Laura Bush

is now coming out in favor of Gay Marriage and Abortion Rights

dont you think it would have more courageous for her to say these things during the eight years that she was in the white house?

what is it about being in washington dc that makes people clam up about the things they feel passionately about?

simple things like human rights?

but at the same time they have no problems going to war or demonizing people.

power is a freaky thing and as a Christian, i find it interesting that these people attain power in part by leaning on their alleged Christian beliefs, but then totally hide a part of their heart that they know would affect the world if they revealed.

personally i think courage and honesty is a vital part of Christianity.

not honesty like “oh i never told a lie” but honesty like “i know you think i think these things, but in truth, i think the opposite.”

of course being the First Lady isnt an elected office, and she isnt burdened by any responsibilities in that role to run around stating her opinion on things,

but gay marriage and abortion are two topics that, im sorry, arent things that you should really sit on your hands about when youre in even a symbolic position.

because to me, sitting on your hands about things that youre passionate about is lying.

and baby i will never lie to you about important things. which means although you may not like what i say about certain topics, i love you enough to put our relationship in jeopardy in order to express the ugly truths. because to me, thats when important change happens and our love for each other solidifies.

to me thats what being an American is about, and certainly what being a child of God is about.

with that said, for some reason i still like Mrs. Bush even though i disagree with pretty much all of her life choices. but i dont think i will be reading her book because i cant say i completely trust her or her public personae.