1. Monday, May 24, 2010

    back from vegas 

    yes im beat

    yes im gonna be late coming into work today

    yes we partied hearty.

    yes i ate so much crap on the way home: popcorn chicken, taco bell, kfc

    yes karisa rolled her eyes at me in the drive thru

    yes we ate and drank and sat by the pool for hours.

    yes we ended up going to sleep at 6am on sunday morn

    yes we had to get a late checkout twice on sunday afternon

    yes i left a big tip to the maids so they wouldnt rat out the condition of the room

    yes somehow i came home with $50 of Luxor chips in my bathing suit shorts.

    and yes, since you asked, i work a fake moustache and wig while checking out and driving home.

    pics to come