i dont know how my mom did it but she survived

she figured out how to raise two kids pretty much on her own as a single black woman in the predominately white suburbs

and she had to deal with two incredibly insane children.

neither of which has mellowed.

her bosses werent always ideal. the situations were not always perfect.

and not only did she get through it, but she did so in class, style,

and with what some would describe an angelic demeanor.

the other day i was sharing the fact that after making it through the squealing stages of the alto saxaphone and into actual music, i chose to switch over to drums.

what person allows their completely hyperactive and bizarre son to bring a drumset into the basement of their townhouse?

a great mom.

the best mom.

now she has an iphone so she sends me pictures of my neice and nephew. and because she loves to play wii with them, i sent her her own wii so she can do yoga and get good at mario kart.

my mom taught me so much but still, strangely, im the opposite of her. shes private and classy and her first instinct is to be sweet. im public and brutal and my first instinct is to talk about yr momma.

not at all the way i was raised. should not be a reflection on her.

and im sure it isnt.

love you mom, hope you enjoy the wii!