i know someone who says shes a gay man stuck in a womans body

im still trying to figure out what that means exactly.

but im definately an obese man stuck inside a soon-to-be obese body.

and if i wasnt single and living in hollywood that would be perfectly ok with me.

yes canada, its unfair that men can be 100 pounds overweight and it isnt as big of a deal as a woman being in the same boat. not a lot i can do about that.

likewise theres not a lot i can do about driving all the way across town and into the hood when my bottomless pit of a belly wants all the soul food i can bring back to my bachelor pad.

i suppose i could run a few miles around hollywood after indulging in smothered chicken, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cornbread and greens, all covered in gravy.

but jogging and drinking grape soda is a bad idea.

cuz you end up spilling.