to be honest, i still dont understand eating healthy

we live such short lives. and those lives speed by so quickly.

i still remember vividly being here in LA for the first time.

i still clearly remember meeting my first california girlfriend

i still remember how sunny it was that day, how new all of this town felt to me,

how it felt like there was history around every corner.

i still remember drunkenly meeting my truest for the first time

i remember moving to frisco and stepping into our bachelor pad on haight street for the first time and trying not to commit to it.

all of these memories seem like experiences that happened last month, if not yesterday

but those things happened decades ago.

thats how fast life glides by.

and youre telling me not to eat bacon wrapped hot dogs served on the streets by people i’ll never see again

so i can live to 90 instead of 85?

youre telling me to spend hours lifting weights and running the streets of hollywood so people will love me for my muscles and flat tummy

instead of wanting me for the busblog and my amazing dance moves?

i dont get it.

after all these years, i really dont see the light.

i just want to eat drink and be merry

and when i die, i wanna die with great memories, and a huge smile