today’s karisas birthday

shes the dirty thirty

even though we’ve known each other something like a decade now,
seems like nearly every day i am learning something new about her.
sometimes its totally disgusting things like she has webbed toes
sometimes its completely amazing like shes secretly canadian.

gotta say of all my friends, karisa and i have the weirdest deal.
sometimes i’ll see her a bunch, sometimes not for months on end.
actually thats like all my friends.

im glad i was never roommates with her because she doesnt watch the best tv shows.

Lost yeah, but all the other shows are people going through major transformations,
houses going through major transformations, history going through major transitions.
makes me a little jittery of what the next new thing i will learn about her will be.

right now its about 26 minutes after midnight and shes still at work.
so you have learned something new about karisa: she needs a male stripper to visit her workplace ASAP.

whats that knock at their door?

happy birthday karisa!