saw lcd soundsystem last night with the lovely ali miller

ali had just come back from china and hong kong where she drank heartily, danced

and drank the blood of a snake.

she said it made her feel refreshed.



so when she poured shots of jd for us before the show, i couldnt really say no.

i say no enough during the day. wanna see lcd? fine. wanna do pre show shots? fine.

wanna eat bacon wrapped hot dogs on sunset blvd. if we must.

wanna chill at the newly reopened club lingerie after the show.

twist my arm.

midnite tacos at 230am?

its noon thirty. hi hangover.

strangely no headache.

maybe it was the 330am diet coke and refrigerator raid of seafood pasta

and strangely keeping up with the kardashians is making me feel better about my dull life.

movie club in an hour.

but before that, let me give you my review of the show last night.

i liked it. it was better than i expected which was a poor mans king missile.

instead i got a middle class mans electro talking heads avec disco ball.

and as good as it was, and let me report ive never seen a palladium crowd so locked in to a band before,

the best song i heard all night was in my shower in preparation for the eve

not only are the lyrics great

but when was the last time in a rock guitar solo you heard an electric guitar

give way to an acoustic guitar. such a nice little dash of color to that sound.

may your night come so you can forget about the day that brought you here.