mommy get the oil off!

now you know i love american families.

especially the children, as they are our future.

but if you take your kids to the beach in Florida

AS theres a pretty well publicized oil spill happening in the gulf of mexico

and when you arrive at the beach you see large globules of oil right there in the sand,

wouldnt you tell your precious angels that either they need to stay away from the oil

or, you know, get ready for some sticky icky to get on their lil feets?

I know i dont have kids, and perhaps this sort of logic will fall upon deaf ears

you know, never mind. obviously im the crazy one.

as much as i love this Star Trek treatment

of Ke$ha’s tik-tok

i still dont think that anyone can top the Simpson’s version

both versions probably took hundreds of man(and woman) hours

but theres something a tad more amazing about bart lisa and the entire town doing their thing.

but back to Ke$ha, who opens for Rihanna at Staples next month, shes ridiculously quotable. not only was she the first one who said she wanted to push Justin Beiber around in a baby carriage, but i love what she admitted in regard to yr girl Paris Hilton.

“It is true that I barfed in her closet. I ate something funny, danced a little hard and it was at a party. To be honest I thought it was the bathroom. That’s all there is to it.”

see why we like to hang out with Echo Park girls who hang out at the Gold Club?