1. Thursday, June 24, 2010

    as much as i love this Star Trek treatment 

    of Ke$ha’s tik-tok

    i still dont think that anyone can top the Simpson’s version

    both versions probably took hundreds of man(and woman) hours

    but theres something a tad more amazing about bart lisa and the entire town doing their thing.

    but back to Ke$ha, who opens for Rihanna at Staples next month, shes ridiculously quotable. not only was she the first one who said she wanted to push Justin Beiber around in a baby carriage, but i love what she admitted in regard to yr girl Paris Hilton.

    “It is true that I barfed in her closet. I ate something funny, danced a little hard and it was at a party. To be honest I thought it was the bathroom. That’s all there is to it.”

    see why we like to hang out with Echo Park girls who hang out at the Gold Club?