sometimes i cant stop writing

yesterday was one of those times

i did like four comments blog posts yesterday the saddest being

Quote of the day: ‘I don’t want to be traumatized right now’

the older i get the more impatient i get and i seriously have zero tolerance for people who continually say “i cant” mixed with “i’ll try” especially when someone is clearly in pain and danger.

listen up: you CAN do it, you WILL do it. do not “try” just do it!!

but who knows, maybe Gary Colemans ex wife was in some serious shock.

i also did “Los Angeles County to boycott Arizona in protest over new immigration law”

the equally frustrating “Detroit pitcher Armando Galarraga robbed of a perfect game. What should be done?

and “Has the ‘Elliott Smith wall’ ceased being a tribute?

that last one is a little close to home for me, literally. i passed by and saw that wall almost totally covered with HGTV posters and it just looks horrible right now.